How Ollie Works

What Ollie pups are barking about

How Ollie compares

other brands

Cooked at low temperatures in small batches to preserve ingredients' nutritional value.

Contains unprocessed, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives that stay fresh in your fridge or freezer.

Made in a USDA-regulated facility in Pennsylvania where human food is also made so food safety is up to our standards.

Made with high-quality meat sourced from family farms in the US,  where animals are humanely raised with no added hormones.

Made with natural vegetables and fruit,  as well as superfoods such as cod liver oil and chia seeds.

4 reasons why you’ll love Ollie

3. Delivered to your door

Our fresh, ready-to serve food arrives at your home on a regular schedule.

2. Perfect portions

Your custom scooper ensures your dog gets the perfect portion every time.

1. Better ingredients

Our vet-formulated recipes are made with high-quality meat from human-grade farms in the US and Australia.

4. Help more pups

We have a pack mentality — we contribute 1% of our revenue to shelters and rescues.